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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How in the world has a ca-razy life gotten even ca-razier? Let me tell you: I am now officially the sole proprietor of my own business! Little Ditties (Music Academy) is off the ground and running. In the near future, I will be on contract to teach my toddler music classes at the local Boys and Girls Club. A while back, I had considered taking on the Preschool music teacher position as well, but that was just too many hours right now and not enough moolah to make it worth it. I’m a stay-at-home Mom and a very part-time music teacher/business owner! (And that’s how it’ll stay for a while).

I’ve spent a lot of time doing research for my class. For the actual instructing part, I’m good to go. It’s things like needing to buy more instruments (as it will be a much big class: 15 kids w/15 parental unit/grown-up helpers), but especially researching all the legal/tax broo-ha-ha/official stuff that goes with having a business. What I have learned is pretty exciting! I can write off all of my class-related purchases including: my commuting gas/mileage, all materials, and I don’t know…if I need to stop at Starbucks to get caffeinated before class that would count, right? What about new clothes for the new Sole Proprietor of Little Ditties? Afterall, I am a business woman now. (Just kidding: Random IRS Person who might be reading this).

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Kelly said...

wow, that is SO exciting! congrats on getting your business and YES you should write off the starbucks coffee...