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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today marks an anniversary for me: two years ago today, I checked into Overlake Hospital, 28 weeks pregnant with Zachary. I didn’t leave until after his birthday – April 28th. It’s weird to think about the dates right now: today is March 12. Doesn’t April 28th, the END of April, seem a LONG ways away??! Let me tell ya: it seems even longer when you’re lying in bed the whole time. Thinking about my bedrest stay at Spa Overlake is a good reminder to be thankful for the little things (and the bigger things). I went for a 5-6 mile run this morning! What a difference compare to my March 12th morning two years ago. I can get up and use my own bathroom! (Hooray for privacy…and toilets). I have Replay TV and call-waiting on the phone. I can sleep through the night (when the boys let me) without having to wake up for a vitals check or shot in the arm and waddle to the potty. I’m self-sufficient (I can get my own graham crackers, thank you very much). I get to sleep in my own bed, and I can wear “regular” clothes with stretchiness as an option not a necessity. I no longer watch the morning news or catch depressing bits of daytime TV. (I do miss watching Ellen Degeneres though). Most importantly, I’m thankful to be home – in my house with my boys. No one else has to take care of them because I am totally and thoroughly capable (although half the time I’m still secretly hoping Super Nanny will swoop in for some guidance and assistance).

This time of year also marks another anniversary. It was almost a year ago (about a month after daylight savings), that Andrea and I started running together at 6am, three mornings a week. And let me tell you: daylight savings stinks. I apparently don’t handle change well. I just can’t let go. I’m still saying things like, “yeah, it’s six o’clock, but it’s REALLY five.” And “I should get to bed, but in old school, REAL time, it’s only 9:30.” You can’t reset your kids, so they really keep you tied to the old time. I miss it. I miss when 6am was 6am. Now 6am is really 5am, and that’s just lame. Who’s idea was this anyway?

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