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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I was having a very weird dream at 1:30 this morning. It’s one of those where I can’t really remember the details; it’s all quite foggy. I know that there was a bunch of people in it. All of a sudden the people began speaking like Zachary – cute little baby voice with words mingled like “nigh-night” and “nums” and lots of “mama….nigh-night?” I woke with a start to wee little Zachy standing two inches from my face.

So, all in all, life without the crib has gone surprisingly well. We took down the crib and the changing table and generally emptied the room quite a bit. We put his mattress in the corner cozied up between the wall, his book case and a large bean bag dolphin (to limit the whole rolling out situation). The plan was to go twin bed shopping this past weekend, but he’s actually doing so well and loving his little “big boy bed” so much, that we’ve decided to wait a while. Why mess with a good thing?

The first night that he slept in his new “room-bed,” he got up a few times. He would stand at the door trying to turn the kid locked-door handle. After a while he started calling, “honey??? Hon? HONEY!” (I’m still not sure if he was calling for Mike or me). But overall, he’s done quite well. The one big issue is that we had to remove the space heater from his room (lest he play with the dials in his new-found freedom). That room gets very cold with the door closed. So, after he’s asleep, we open his door, make sure the blankets are on him and call it good. Except for the few nights when I’ve woken to a Zach-dream and Little Man in my face, it’s gone fairly well.

I hosted book club last night, and told my girls that they should all go down and see Zach’s new room set-up. Zach immediately went flying down the hall and had to get in his bed and go “nigh-night” to demonstrate how it works. I think he likes it! Though I still really don’t like that my baby’s growing up.

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