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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Like many 3.5 year olds, Kayliana has no filter nor knows no boundaries.  I mean, you obviously have to help these wild animals known as “toddlers” learn the ropes and does and don’ts of human interaction.  She poses an extra challenge though in her outgoingness and desire to share-all.  (Hmmm, I’ll admit that sounds oddly familiar).

Last week, after swim lessons, we were waiting in the pool lobby for the boys to come out of their locker room.  Kayli spotted a fellow mom (who was engrossed in Candy Crushing on her phone).  Without hesitation Kayli, scooted up on the bench next to this complete stranger and proceeded to tell her all sorts of things.  (“I have a blue blankie and it is very special…I have my boys – Matthew and Zachary…”)  I kept trying to subtly (and then not so) bring Kayli closer to me on the bench and give this poor lady some space.  My efforts were completely thwarted when Kayli quickly pulled away from me, laid her hand gently on the woman’s arm and said, “I love you, and I’ll kiss you now.”  That’s when I grabbed her (Kayli, not the lady), apologizing profusely for my daughter’s forwardness and lack of appropriate interaction with strangers. 

So, for the next several days following this embarrassing event, I continued to remind Kayli, that we can be ‘friendly’ with strangers and say ‘hello’ and ‘hi,’ but we don’t love them or offer to kiss them or tell them personal information about ourselves.

Last weekend, when Mike’s sister, her hubby and their son Tucker were visiting on for the 4th (more details on this in a future post…when I have more time to write about it!), we went to Red Robin.  As we were walking out of the mall, we passed another little girl holding her mom’s hand.  She was like the blond straight-haired, lighter-skinned version of Kayliana.  Kayli immediately noticed this kindred spirit.

“HI!” Kayli yelled waving crazily.

“HELLO!” Imitation Kayli yelled back. “You’re beautiful!”

“Thanks!” [Or “Fanks” as it sounds.] Kayli responded.  “I’m a stranger!” she added with glee.

Soooo…maybe she’s getting it.  Sorta.

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Rebecca Burdullis said...

Aaaah Kayli, I just absolutely adore that girl :)