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Monday, May 19, 2014

Zachary's First Communion

Yesterday was one of those special days for our family.  We had a beautiful day celebrating Zachary’s First Holy Communion.  He did an amazing job – he was perfect (and SO stinkin’ nervous beforehand).  Our amazing friends helped make the day so fun and spoiled Zach with awesome gifts.  Of course, my mom and Chris joined us in our reserved pew and then for the celebration afterwards.  Like she’s done for their Baptism parties and Matthew’s First Communion two years ago, Mom provided the cake.  I managed – unlike at Matthew’s First Communion – to hold it together and not get too emotional at Mass.  I knew this year was different.  If I opened the flood gates, we’d be in trouble; so I managed to keep the tears (mostly) reserved for last night after everyone had left.  It’s just so frustrating how these days are great and special but are also so hard because my dad isn’t here.  He’s supposed to be here for these events.  It just doesn’t make sense that he’s not.  I know he had the ‘best seat in the house’ and all, but I just miss him, and I’m sad the kids don’t have him here to help celebrate their achievements.  He’d be so proud of Zach. 
I'm not sure what both boys are looking at, but it's not the camera.

We had to have a 'wardrobe change' seconds before we walked out the door.  Kayli got an adorable new sundress from Uncle Timothy and Rebecca and was ready to go...until I noticed a big old spot 'o peanut butter smack dab in the middle the skirt (thanks to her pre-church departure snack).  The dress is now peanut butter free and will be ready for Memorial Day, the 4th of July and other fun events!
This is the most 'holding still' we can ever get Kayli to do...something's still gotta be moving apparently.

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