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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One day at a time

I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to write.  I mean I’m writing now, but I’ve got way more to say than what I have time for (constant truth).  This week is the busiest I’ve seen in a long while.  I had a meeting yesterday for music classes for next year and then taught a music class.  Mike had three meetings in the afternoon/evening and made it for part of baseball practice.  Kayli has swim lessons Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  Zachary has a friend coming over tomorrow after school.  We need to plan Zach’s birthday party (which will be April 26th).  I’m going to Spin this morning for my mental and physical health.  On top of it being Holy Week, we’ve got our first little league baseball game today, had practice last night, have games also on Thursday and Saturday.  In addition to that, Mike has meetings at church as an RCIC sponsor for a 12 year old boy getting baptized Saturday night at the Easter Vigil.  Mike is also getting his feet washed at Holy Thursday mass.  We’ll all attend Good Friday service. Easter Sunday is, well, Easter and it’s also my mom’s birthday.  First birthday with dad gone.  Last year, Easter Sunday was also my dad’s birthday celebration (his was the following day).  Anyway, so much to say and do and just not enough hours or energy!  Thank goodness for amazing friends.  My bestie, Rebecca, upon hearing about my week and stress, announced: “I’ll be bringing your Easter ham and your mom’s birthday cake Saturday afternoon.”  WHAT?  Who does that?  Uh, she does!

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Rebecca Burdullis said...

And I couldn't be happier about doing it :) Love ya!