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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Cheers to new chairs!

I’m finally getting pictures up of my fall project.  Starting in October, I began visiting Goodwill once a week (occasionally more and sometimes visiting different ones).  I was on the prowl…on the prowl for the perfect chairs – perfectly matching in their miss-matchiness. 
We took the seats off.  I primed them;I painted them.  I actually spray painted them (and despite my ‘sorta’ thorough plastic drop-clothing – left a nice pinkish dust paint layer on most objects in the garage).  I told Mike we’ll just always look at the garage through rose-colored glasses.  He wasn’t so amused and neither was Matthew when he discovered his bike helmet was slightly pinked.  It wipes off, I swear!
My goal was to have the chairs done before December.  Mike was going to cover the cushions during Thanksgiving break.  Well, as we know our Thanksgiving week didn’t exactly go as planned.  So, the chairs sat in the garage, taking up a car’s space.  Then, Mike – knowing how much I was excited to get the chairs done – surprised me and spent Thursday, December 12th (the day after dad’s funeral) knocking out those chairs.  After holding a staple gun for several hours, his hand was achey and his knees were sore from kneeling down and stretching the fabric over the cushions.  But I, personally think, his pain (and my paint!) paid off.  I love how they turned out!

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