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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Matthew and his Wingman

A couple of weeks ago, when the boys decided to do a lemonade stand, Matthew and I had a conversation that later resulted in a conversation that Mike and I had that essentially scared the dooty out of me.  Some people were walking by the boys’ stand and Matthew made very little effort to even recognize their presence let alone try to sell them some of the “world’s best lemonade.”  I chatted with him about how he can’t expect to sell much if he’s not even going to be friendly.


“Yeah, but I don’t like talking to strangers, Mom,” he said. 


“Well, sure, but if you want this to be a success, you’re going to need to,” I explained.  “And you can at least be a little friendlier.”


As often happens, Matthew quickly worked out that he could get Zachary to do the outgoing aspect of life that he tends to avoid.


The next night while Mike and I enjoyed one of our date nights, we sat in the bar courtyard area and I related this story to him.  I was suddenly transported about, mmm, 12-15 years and I could clearly imagine our two boys/future young men, hanging out at bar.  Zachary, all Mr. Sauve, approaches a nice looking young woman at the bar and, with way too much swagger, says, “So,” (jerking his head toward the corner of the bar where Matthew is standing slightly awkwardly), “my brother over there thinks you’re cute.”  Matthew gives a goofy little wave, maybe even a cheesy grin punctuated by a thumb's up.


“But,” I tell Mike, explaining the vision that I’m having, “Then Zach, Mr. Studly Confidence totally gets the girl!  Oh my gosh!” I exclaim realizing with horror, “Zach is Matthew’s wingman….and Zach is a TOTAL player!”


Mike laughs and says, “Well, no, Zach’s not a TOTAL player.  He’ll be a gentleman.  Don’t get me wrong, he’ll get plenty of play, but he’ll be a gentleman about it.”


I fear for the future.

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