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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garage Sale-ing Success!

The day before Mother’s Day, Matthew and I seriously scored at a couple of garage sales.  I got some much needed clothes for Kayli (who, officially now 2.5 years old, is wearing 4T and up sized clothing).  Matthew got some awesome retro Star Wars toys that his Star Wars action figures fit in perfectly.  We got a few really nice Playmobil toys for Zach – a Viking ship, cargo ship, and police airplane.  And then I – nearly elbowing a guy out of the way – got the EXACT kind of baker’s rack I wanted for a little gardening station.  Let’s face it, the whole area is not ready for a Martha Stewart-Homes and Gardens-Pinterest worthy photoshoot, but it’s still awesome.  AND! We ended up picking up a REALLY nice recliner!  Mike has essentially worked through the pain, but never fully forgiven me for donating his pink, cigarette-hole-burned (thanks to a college roommate)  Lazy Boy recliner.  Hopefully, this will ease the sting a little and we can move past it. J

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