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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Baseball, baseball, baseball.  That’s really all I can think about, talk about and deal with for right now.  Mike and I were somewhat cornered/forced into helping out more than we really wanted to this year and are assistant coaches for Matthew’s little league team.  While I LOVE it – the games, playing catch with the boys on our team, watching them improve – it’s also full of stupid stress, ridiculous drama and the time commitment is riDONCulous.  This week is the most insane of all.  We had a game last night (at which Matthew got a hit each at bat including an RBI AND scored a run!); we have practice tonight; we have a game tomorrow night; we have a game Friday night, and we have a game Saturday morning.  And while I’m not complaining about the beautiful weather we’re having (yesterday was 85!), of all weeks to have a game or two rained out this would’ve been a good one.  So, we’re just slathering on the sunblock, putting on our hats and gloves and playing LOTS of ball.  (I’m already hoping – and am fairly certain – that Kayliana has a big T-Ball and Little League career ahead of her).

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