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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Flying Solo

So sometimes I’m awesome…sometimes not so much.  The past few days I’ve fallen into the awesome category.  (Not one to toot my own horn…but…I’m about to toot……my horn, that is).  Mike found out a couple of weeks ago that he’d be attending a conference in North Carolina from Sunday through today.  He’ll arrive back in Seattle VERY early tomorrow morning.  The thought of four days single momming three kids (yes, “momming” is a verb) was a bit daunting.  How will I survive?!  Thankfully, that’s where my awesome kicked in.
Sunday was Seafair here – hydroplane races, air show, Blue Angels – and it happened to be the hottest day we’ve had yet this summer.  I decided to pack up the kiddos and haul us to the beach where we beat the heat for most of the day.  Thankfully, Kayli now LOVES her little floaty and was a complete water baby and due to the temperature, the lake was actually refreshing and comfortable – not crazy cold as it often is.  We had a great time!  I then dragged (drug?!) the three heat-drenched, tired children to Lowes and the grocery store (where they got to pick out microwave dinners – special magical treat! – and ice cream cones) before finally bringing us home to the sauna-hot house.
Monday, we had a playdate here for the boys – two brothers who go to our new school.  The boys had so much fun and when it was time for their mom to come pick them up Zach was completely incredulous.  “WHAT?! That playdate was like seconds long!!”  Time flies when you’re having fun.
I also decided to spend Mike’s absence undertaking Project Playard.  Kayli has begun to climb out when we need her to STAY in there for sleepovers, playdates at others’ homes, etc.  AND my parents just volunteered (brave folk) to take all three kiddos for this upcoming weekend.  (Our 11th anniversary is the 11th!!).  My parents weren’t thrilled with the news that Kayli’s turned into a little escape artist, so…I’ve had her sleeping in the playard in our closet.  In the meantime, I’ve been painting her bedroom!
Nap 1 in the playard: I put her down and began painting in her room.  Matthew poked his head in and said, “Uh, Mom, Kayli’s yelling for you at the top of her lungs.” 
I went to open my bedroom door – which I’d left open – only to discover that it was locked.  I heard Kayli ripping around giggling on the other side.
“Kayli,” I called ever-so-sweetly in my nicest mommy voice.  “Come open the door.  Let mommy in!”  She came running to the door giggling all the way.  As soon as it was open I scolded her for being a toddler-dini and escaping the playard.
"No. You stay in.  You don’t get out.  You go night-night.”  Kayli’s bottom lip trembled.  I picked her up, soothed her and put her back in the playard where she proceeded to take an awesome nap.  Success!
Later, Monday, I had a furnace guy here giving us a quote since – happy anniversary to us! – we have to buy a new furnace.  I’m pretty proud of myself for learning the details of furnaces though the subject does kind of bore me to tears.  And the fact that it costs so much brings on the tears too.
Tuesday, I woke up to Zach calling for me – he’d woken up with a bloody nose.  Despite the rough start to our day, I got us all up and out the door to the gym so I could do Spin.  We then went to the library AND stopped by the boys’ school to finally get them officially registered!  I did more painting, more playard-training, and I took us all to the pool for the boys’ to swim lessons.    
Today we were supposed to go to the Zoo and then a playdate later, but Matthew complained of an icky tummy and is definitely feverish and pale.  So, here we are, last day of solo momhood, and I gotta say, we did pretty well.  I didn’t accomplish everything that I was hoping to, but then again, sometimes you just run out of awesome.  I meant, at least   everyone survived (I did LITERALLYdiscover that Kayli had climbed up on the dining room table and was swinging  the chandelier this morning, shhhh…don’t tell Mike)…but I’m DEFINITELY ready for a weekend sans bebes and for my honey-pants to come home. 

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