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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It’s not that I’ve lost faith and hope; it’s just that I’m getting a little tired of this house-selling business. And, yes, I know that in the big picture, especially in this market, being for sale for 3 ½ weeks is NOTHING. But I really was so hopeful, so optimistic (so foolish?) and thought that we’d sell really quickly. We had SO many showings early on. We were constantly told, “You’re priced to sell…The house is staged great…It shows great…There’s hardly any competition out there…It’s well maintained…You’ll sell quickly.” And yet here we are. Show me the money!

Last week, however, a little miracle did happen – or so I thought. On Tuesday afternoon there was a showing here. I prayed harder than I’ve prayed yet that those people be THE people that would want to buy our house. Then on Wednesday, I was driving out to our church (St. Joseph – see previous blog for all my current thoughts on St. Joe). I had to pick something up from the office and I thought, ‘Well, sure wouldn’t hurt to light a candle by St. Joe’s statue while I’m in there.’ I was contemplating these very things when I got a phone call from our realtors saying that the Tuesday visitors were VERY interested and would most likely be making us an offer. Now if you’ll recall, we had until Sunday to receive/negotiate/accept an offer in order to continue negotiations on the home that we wanted to buy. Perfect!

We heard on Thursday that the offer would be coming in Friday evening. So, we waited. Friday night there was a showing here, so we took the kiddos to the park, went to dinner and came home all giddy and hopeful. The phone rang. We were so excited to see that, again, it was our realtors…calling with the good news?! Yeah.

Actually, no. The potential clients changed their mind at the last minute. They decided to make an offer on a short sale instead of our home. And oh, while, we’re bummed out, “Unfortnately,” Kathy explained gently, “We’ve also heard from the listing agent [for the house on which we’d made an offer], and they’ve had another offer come in – it’s noncontigient, so most likely they’ll accept it.” Double whammy. We went from it all working out seamlessly, to none of it working out at all.

Kathy went on to say that while she knew I’d really liked that home and certainly loved aspects of it, she never really felt that I was head-over-heels in love and that it was necessarily “The One.” I know she was saying this to try to cheer me up, that we just haven’t found The One yet. I explained that I’ve been forcing myself to guard my heart. I don’t want to feel again the way I did about the Mountain House. I don’t want to see our children, our grandchildren playing in the yard until we’re signing the papers, THEN I’ll really let myself dream. But in the meantime, I did LOVE a lot about this last house. I’d mentally landscaped the yard. I’d gone for runs out the door and through the neighborhood. I’d decided where furniture would go. I’d let myself believe that it could possibly be The One. So, yes, I’m disappointed, but I do know enough now to realize that until it works out, until we’re unlocking the front door with our very own key, it’s not The One.

But I’m getting tired. I’m getting shop-worn, so to speak.

Our realtors held an open house here on Sunday hoping to drum up business. They were actually a little dubious about doing one explaining that very few open houses prove fruitful. Usually those that stop in are neighbors or curious lookiloo’s just driving by but not in the market for a home purchase at this time.

Again, Larry and Kathy came back with good news. They were floored with the amount of people here. At least 12 couples came tromping through our home and all of them seemed very positive. One of the groups here was an agent and his clients who now have visited us THREE TIMES. I say poop or get off the pot already! Make us an offer or stop visiting! Maybe third time’s the charm….??? But so far, yet again, all this good news and happy optimism has brought no results. No showings have been scheduled. No potential offers coming in.

Then, yesterday, I saw on line that our potential The One had, in fact, accepted their offer and the home is now “Pending” for other people. Not The One. Where are you, The One?! The wait is killing me. And where are the people meant to buy and live happily ever after in our home? I want this to be for them as much as I want another house to be for us!

Deep down in my gut, in my soul, all the way down to my toes I KNOW that it’ll all work out. I know that it hasn’t worked out yet because there’s something even better out there for us. I’m just ready for it to work out now! On MY TIME. I’m a toddler stamping my foot with my hands on my hips. Me, Me, Me. Mine, Mine, Mine. Kayliana’s recently embraced the art of toddler tantrum throwing, so I feel like I have a personal tutor. I’m sure she’s proud of her protege. I’ve gotten quite good.

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