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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I’m actually not going to talk about house-news, because, sadly, there’s just not much worth reporting. So, let’s focus on a different development in the Martin home. I never thought I’d type these words, but here goes: we have…a climber. Kayliana is a total monkey. I know I used to say this about Zachary – quite frankly, I still refer to him often as my Monkey Pants. (Though that’s pore in personality than climbing tendancies). The most exciting climbing that Zach ever did was a one time thing. (Maybe he decided that my freak out reaction just wasn’t worth the brief moments of adrenaline). Way back in September of 2007, I discovered then 17 month old Zachary (one month older than current Kayli), on the dining room table. He had climbed up and was standing – I kid you not – dancing a jig and dumping my mug of lukewarm coffee into my dear old laptop Kara. This was one of the first baths Kara endured. She also enjoyed a dose of chocolate ice cream and either red wine or Diet Pepsi (I can’t remember which and it’s quite possible she did eventually have both) – pretty much all of my favorite things. But that was Zach’s one and only climbing adventure.

Kayliana, at 16 months old, on the other hand, is a lot more adventurous, daring and physical, (crazy? Clumsy?). She’s already sported a slight black eye, a bloody nose and too many bruises and bonks to count. Kayli, several weeks ago – maybe even a couple of months ago now – had climbed up on the dining room table (just like her older brother) and was sitting calmly in the middle of it not dumping – nay, not even spilling a drop – but casually sipping out of my full glass of water. (Thank goodness it wasn’t a full glass of wine as we know those do have the tendancy to be a common sight in this kitchen).

She is now CONSTANTLY climbing. She’s a furniture mover – moving stools or chairs to better boost herself to the next level of excitement. My mom briefly suggested REmoving all the chairs for a while (and then remembered when you’re staging your house for selling that’s not an option nor really is living a chairless life that do-able). Plus, Kayli might just upgrade to couch moving then.

I once heard about the grandchild of my mom’s friend. He was also of this climbing, chair-moving pedigree. One day his mom walked into the kitchen to find her toddler sitting calmly…ON TOP OF THE REFRIDGERATOR!! Is this my fate?

We’ll have to invest in Depends or anticipate frequent near heart attacks. If you know Mike, you know that he has the tendancy to be extra uber EXTREMELY cautious and nervous about our childrens’ safety. You’d think we’d be getting used to Kayli’s predisposition for living on the edge. We’re not.

Yesterday, Kayli, unbeknownst to me, had climbed up in her high chair/booster seat thing and was standing and dancing when she fell straight down to the floor breaking the fall with…her forehead. Nice big ‘ol egg.

A few days ago, Kayli was standing on one of the couches. She was actually about to sit down when her foot caught and she pitched straight forward in a death drop to the edge of the coffee table. At the last moment, she managed to get her hands out in front of her and do a chest press off of the table otherwise she SO would’ve split her forehead open and that SO would’ve been such a pain. I mean, think of the blood stain on our freshly shampooed carpet!

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Carmel said...

I'm pretty sure I did the same kind of stuff to my mom as I was an avid climber. One of the many reasons I'm scared to have children. If they turn out like my husband, sweet. If they're like me, I'm screwed.