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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kayliana Therese is a full-on walking machine. Last Friday afternoon/evening, she got it. It clicked and she decided to commit to this whole walkin’ thang. She’s also got some impressive moves now. She can stop, squat to pick up an item, stand back up and recommence the walking. She can even stop for a brief dance break (bending knees, shaking hands or even – her other new party trick – clapping!). Kayli can navigate turns with grace and ease. The one thing that Kayliana does not handle well is obstacles. She’ll go over them or under them but rarely take the easier route and just go around them. (This includes toys, people’s legs – if they’re sitting on the floor, the dining room table – where she’s bonked her head numerous times, and the kitchen stools where she’s gotten completely stuck all pretzeled up under/through/around the chair legs).

The other day, she’d walked over to one of her blankies. She miscalculated her stopping point and ended up standing on it, pinning it to the ground. With every bend to pick it up, her legs were just pushing even more weight down upon it and she could NOT retrieve it. This was NOT OK. She gave a shout of frustration – pure anger and rage – stood up and then clapped angrily at the blanket. The blanket remained pinned until she eventually moved off of it. The angry clapping didn’t seem to help much (other than completely amusing me).

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