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Thursday, September 01, 2011

I’m sad to have to keep this short and sweet but time is a-lackin’ these days. I CANNOT believe that summer is over! (Especially as it’s getting gorgeous out here again – 74 and sunny)! But it’s true; the boys started school this week! Zachary – (sniff sniff) my little monkey-pants, Baby Cakes, Zacharoo – started Kindergarten today. Zach is Mr. Can’t Wait to Do Everything my Brother Gets to do, so he insisted on riding the bus to and from school on the very first day. Mike and I put them on the bus and then hopped in the car to meet up at school for pictures. And like Matthew’s first day, I held it together until RIGHT as I was exiting his classroom to the sound of his teacher saying, “Wave bye-bye to your parents. You’ll see them again soon!” Ahhh, man.

We had an amazing month of August – beach days, swim lessons, playing on the Slip ‘n Slide, Staycationing with our BFF’s, neighborhood parties, game nights,a trip to the zoo, BBQ’s…the summer just really wasn’t long enough.

But, alas, the school year is upon us, and I will admit that I do love me some good scheduled weekdays. Summer is wonderful in the ability to be more spontaneous, more laid-back, but as one who gets a high off calendars and lists, I am ready for routine.

Tomorrow evening we will be celebrating Matthew’s 8th birthday (coming up on Monday, the 5th – it’s a National Holiday this year! As it should be). Matthew will be having just a few classmate buddies over for an army-themed party. He’s been making his own decorations with pictures of tanks and army men. I’m surprising him though and when the boys get home from school tomorrow the place will be decked out in brown and green streamers and army decals, and army hats for all of the attendees.

The party will be fun, but I personally can’t wait for his actual birthday. My parents have been kind enough to gift the four of us (Kayliana will stay home with a sitter) tickets to go see the Ringling Bros/Barnum and Bailey Circus. I seriously might pee my pants I’m so excited. The circus is SO magical and they are the PERFECT ages to experience it. I’m pretty sure I was Zachary’s age the last time I went to the circus and I can still remember parts of it. AND the boys don’t know, so it’ll be a huge surprise!! I can’t wait!!!

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