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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I’m ever so tardy in chronically the glee of my 31st birthday (eight days overdue as a matter of fact). It was pretty much magictastical. Mike surprised me in the morning upon the return of my early run (three weeks ‘til half marathon!). He asked if I was ready for my gift. Um, BORN ready. He came back wrapped in his robe and instructed me to ‘unwrap’ my present. “Not in front of the children!!” I cried. As it turns out, Mike – the sneaky man – had requested my birthday as a vacation day and was at my beck and call.

“You realize that I’ve already made plans with my parents, right?” I asked. “They’re going to watch the kids while I run errands.” (Which is in itself a dream come true). “So, I’m actually not going to be here for most of the day.”

“Yes, I know. You can just leave me your to-do list, and I’ll get as much done as I can.”

“Seriously?!” I squeaked.


“You’re sure? Like, whatever I want? Anything?”

(Looking a little less sure). “Um, yes.”

So, I left him a list with about three weeks worth of work and the poor guy busted his hiney to complete exhaustion. Yes, I definitely enjoyed my day with a man servant.

We met Mia – Kayliana’s birth mom – for a joint birthday dinner at Red Robin on Friday night. (She and I have the EXACT same birthday). We had a WONDERFUL visit. As always, she’s amazed to see the changes in Kayli and she always has a good time goofing around with the boys. We had a great time!

This past weekend we spent a lovely weekend with my parentals and brother Chris at Port Ludlow. We had a grand time swimming in the pool with the boys, searching the beach for sea glass, and having a visit with my dear pal (since first grade) Rachel Ballard and her mom. Rachel, I might add, is a soon to be published novel!!! A Long-Forgotten Truth is now available for preorder on and SO exciting!

Tonight, the boys had a conversation that was the cherry on the top of my birthday week (plus) celebration.

“I choked at lunch today on broccoli,” Matthew said.

“Uh-Oh. Were you OK?” I asked.

“Yeah, but O’Ryan had to go ask Ms. Mandy to give me a procedure. But I didn’t need the procedure.”

“It’s good you didn’t need a procedure,” Zach said. “But I don’t even know what a procedure is.”

I explain what a procedure is – how you follow certain steps to achieve something and how – in this case – you’d follow certain first aid steps to help someone.

“Oh!” Zach exclaims. “Like the kiss of life!”

“Yeah,” Matthew agrees. “I SO wouldn’t want the kiss of life!!”

“Blech! What a yucky procedure.”

(Apparently “the kiss of life” was in the movie Madagascar – 1 or 2 – I dunno which bu the boys sure did)!

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