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Thursday, June 23, 2011

At least now that she’s eating solids, Kayliana’s spit-up comes in a variety of colors; I was getting so tired of the same ‘ol white-ish spit-up. Seriously, I know that she’ll (ideally) outgrow spitting up within the next few months, but I clean up spit-up so many times a day – off her, out of her hair, off me, off the couch, off her toys, off the floor, out of floor vents (that’ll smell AWESOME when the heat comes on), off the carpet (I’ve invested in “Kids & Pets” carpet cleaner in bulk – I sometimes wonder if she’ll be the awkward kid still drooling and spitting up in Kindergarten. Nobody wants to be THAT kid (or sit next to that kid lest they get spat up upon). I do insanely hope she’s done soon because 1.) I’m tired of baby vomit, 2.) SO many of her cute outfits are just not even seen because of the constant bib-wearing and 3.) her ‘lil baby neck chub-rolls are starting to make getting bibs on her tricky and she’ll outgrow them any day now. I looked into how long this whole spit-up sitch should carry on, and I learned that only 20% of 6-9 month old babies still do it. Yay for our overachiever!!

So, you know why I haven’t blogged for a few weeks? ‘Cuz I’ve been cleaning up spit-up, foo.

It is also interesting to note that out of three babies not only is Kayliana the most forth-coming (with spit-up), but (and this is following two boys!), she is by far my most active baby! She’s a rough and tumble, ready to party little kiddo. And she seems constantly on an army-crawl-mission. She’s found herself in a few pickles: Getting stuck under the coffee table (but being OK with it). Pulling Zach’s entire play-kitchen pretty much on top of herself and yet getting mad when I removed it (because she was happily sucking on the cabinet door). Hugging the corner of the kitchen island (peninsula, really) and opting to gnaw on the wall a bit. She’s unplugged the stereo numerous times (yes, I realize this is just our lameness in not getting a better outlet cover right there, so in the meantime, we leave the stereo cord unplugged and up out of her reach). She can already reach fairly high though and has managed to pull folded laundry off the couch and books off of the coffee table.

Kayliana’s favorite pastime is discovering the items left on the floor that really shouldn’t be – in particular finding abandoned shoes and sandals (primarily the boys’ flip flops) and sucking on them for their unique flavor-finds. I made the mistake once of glancing away while she crawled down below and I – wearing sandals at the time – suddenly felt an odd wet sensation. She was sucking on my big toe. I’ve also experienced the VERY not pleasant feeling of warm spit-up dripping between my toes. Yuck.

You’d think we’d have learned by now: wear close-toe shoes and cover the floor and every possible surface (including ourselves) with massive amounts of tarp. We should also rip up the carpet and just put a big drain in the floor so we can hose the whole place down.

In other news: we have a second grader in da house!! Wootwoot! Yesterday was Matthew’s last day of first grade (sniff sniff). Everytime I say something about him being a second grader, he corrects me with, “Mom, not yet.” Apparently the summer is a weird limbo-place between grades.

TBall is done. The boys’ team was undefeated. Ye-ahh! (Not that they ever kept score, but still…). Both kiddos got trophies and were pretty much beyond stoked about ‘em.

We started swim lessons this week. They haven’t taken swim lessons in two years, so it’s good to be back at it.

I’ve successfully tapered (the best part of training!) and will run my fourth half marathon on Saturday. I’m REALLY hoping to cut at least two minutes off of my time so I can PR (personal record) and finish under two hours. I’m also REALLY hoping to run on my feet, not my face and to avoid stitches or any other serious injury.

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