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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We had a pretty spectacular event this weekend – Kayliana was baptized at church on Sunday. In the morning, as we pulled everything together to leave I heard Matthew giving Kayli a pep-talk. In his highest, baby-squeaky voice he explained, “You’re going to have a very special shower today! Yes, you are! At church, you’re getting baptized and it’s like a shower!” I clarified that it was a little more like a bath with some water-dumping involved, but I liked where his head was at.

I’ve always enjoyed the baby-baptisms at church, but I have to say this one was by far the most special for us. It felt like the final step in officially welcoming Kayliana into our family. We are friends with our priest, Father Bryan, have known him since college and he’s been so supportive as we’ve gone through the adoption process, so it was just very cool having him baptize Kayliana for us. It was touching as we felt so loved and supported by our family and all the friends who came to be celebrate with us. And it was especially wonderful watching our best friends become even more like part of the family. Jason and Rebecca are now Kayliana’s Godparents which means that I totally hold them responsible for Kayliana’s soul.  Phew! What a relief – I’m not in this alone!

When it was time, Mike helped Kayli sit in the font and then Father Bryan poured water over her head. She handled it like a champ. As the dripping, sopping, all baptizedisized Kayli was handed to Godmother Rebecca, Zach said, “See, Kayli, that wasn’t so bad was it?!”

Father Bryan enjoys parading the kiddos around the church for everyone to see and welcome. It’s pretty cute and funny – reminding me of dog shows when the fancy poodles are paraded around the ring. Everyone ooh’s and ahh’s over their cuteness while applauding politely. Kayliana did great being shown off to the packed house until Father Bryan handed her back to Mike and THEN she decided to fall apart. She continued to cry until I’d taken her out and changed her into her little white-Easter-y dress at which point she conked out and slept through the rest of Mass. All in all, she was (and, of course IS) an angel.

Later as we celebrated with family and friends at the house, I felt, yet again, another moment of peace with this process. Bringing Kayliana home from the hospital, finalizing her adoption at the courthouse and then baptizing her – each event has provided me with a huge sigh-of-relief moment, and I’m so grateful to have appreciated them all and that really, now, we can TOTALLY 100% say that she is OURS. (Happy. Happy. Sigh.)

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Mamma Vintage said...

What a special, special day! Totally unforgettable - it is such an honor and so exciting to be Kayliana's godmother. I get such a big smile on my face every time I think about it :)