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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Something is very much awry with Zachary’s “Movie Show-er.” (a.k.a. the apparatus in his mind that shows moving pictures…a.k.a. his imagination). Thankfully I’ve been reassured that crews are rapidly working to fix the problem. In the car, the other day, I glanced at Zach in the rearview mirror. He was looking out the window but had a glazed look over his eyes.

“Are you watching something on your movie show-er kiddo?” I asked.

“Aghk, Mom,” (big exasperated sigh), “I told you that my movie show-er’s not working right now.” (I’m fairly certain he’d actually forgotten to relay this message.)

“Oh no! It’s not?!” I am ever so concerned about this news.

“Yes,” he says with what little ounce of patience he can muster at my apparent forgetfulness. “It got taken away because it was being mean to me.”

“Really? What was it doing?”

“Well, at night sometimes it would show me scary stuff so they’re taking it away and fixing it. Maybe I’ll just get a new one that’s not a mean one,” he explains.

“Ahhh, yeah, that’s no good if it’s a mean movie show-er. No good at all,” I agree. No one wants to have to watch scary movies at nighttime!

I don’t know how long repairs will take, but hopefully he won’t have to be without mind-movies for long! What a drag. Seriously, dealing with cable-type companies are the worst too!

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