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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zachary is a little sponge. Half the time he says something I’m flabbergasted with his vocabulary…or his sense of humor and skill for irony.

Two days ago in the car he randomly stated, “Here is my hypothesis: It will rain soon and there might be thunder.” When I asked him where he learned about what a hypothesis is, he reported that he received that knowledge from the PBS show “Dinosaur Train” – which he hadn’t actually watched in several days. He was just held on to that big word and waited for the best opportunity to use it.

Yesterday’s commentary was a bit more random (again in the car), “Mom, did you know that there’s only one pencil in Pennsylvania?....And it’s a MAGIC pencil!” Um, ok.

And Matthew did a funny one the other day. We were outside doing sidewalk chalk in the driveway and on the street when a woman walked by with a little dog – it was cute, probably part Pug, part Shih Tzu. A Pugzu? A Shug? Anyway, the woman had stopped so that Zach and said-dog could inspect each other when Matthew says, “Your dog has a gorilla face!”

I was a bit mortified as I figured that this little creature was the woman’s furry baby, but she just laughed. When I lightly scolded Matthew, he quickly saved himself by saying, “No! Gorillas have cute faces!!”

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