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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

(Happy Birthday to my mother-dearest today!) So, I’ll be the first to admit that I thoroughly doubted them. I was the worst mother-wife EVER and doubted every second of the plan. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mike took the training wheels off of Matthew’s bike. To my spousal unit, I was all, “Um, good luck with that little idea there, bucko. There’s NO WAY he’s ready to ride without ‘em.” Yup. I’m eating those words and they’re delicious! With very little practice (maybe just three days of playing outside, letting Mike holding on to the back ‘o the bike for all of two minutes at a time), Matthew can TOTALLY ride his bike. As you can see. And this video especially amuses me thanks to Zachary’s random cameo. It cracks me up! He’s like a little bicycle-helmet-wearing, tricycle-pushing bobble head! (Also note the monkey in the tree in the background of the photo). He’s definitely the next one in need of a bike. He turns four in 8 days for crying out loud! Sheesh.

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