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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I got nothin’. For serious. I don’t have a whole lot to report. I don’t have a ready, go-to funny kid-anecdote to share with you. I’m lacking a witty commentary on some obscurity of life that no one really cares about but that makes me chuckle. I got nothin’. And quite frankly, my yoga session ran a little late, so I don't have the time to come up with something for now. So, I’m TOTALLY going to cheat. I’m going to be the laziest of all lazy-bloggers. I feel that since I’m now writing two blogs (when I even find or make the time to blog, which is a rarity on its own), I’m allowed to be a lazy-cheating-blogging-daughter-of-a-non-blogger. So, from the website blog for the National Engaged Encounter Convention (for which the theme is: Reboot Your Relationship) voila:

Convention Magic

Something magical took place at our District Convention in Park City, Utah this past summer. Something “magical” always takes place at Engaged Encounter Conventions, but this was a new kind of magic. This was a rip-roarin’, knee-slappin’, arm-wavin’, sweat-drippin’, booty-shakin’ kind of magic that can only REALLY happen at an Engaged Encounter Convention. A dance contest. It was the dance contest to end all dance contests. Sue Stockinger (Co-Chair for the 2010 Nat’l Convention) says it was like watching a scene from a movie – a musical or dancing movie – like Dirty Dancing but with much less dirty and way more classy dancing.

The music started with something a little slow – like a smooth Rhumba perhaps. The dance floor was full, packed with body-to-body couples swaying to the beat. After a while – a few songs to warm up the crowd – our District Coordinators (Gilbert and Nicole Pinon) gradually began the difficult, heart-wrenching process of eliminating couples from the floor. After what felt like forEVER, when I was fairly certain that I would pass out from dance-induced fatigue, when many of us had Salsa-ed, and Swing-danced (would that be Swang?), Chicken-danced, splitted (splat!?) and even wormed across the dance floor, we watched the grand finale of the dance-off to end all dance-offs. One of the younger couples at the Convention (who, yes, happen to be from Seattle and who, yes, happen to star in our Promo Video) danced head-to-head against one of the more experienced couples at the Convention (a deacon and his wife who have been married for…I don’t remember how long, but a while). There was Merengue-ing and even Irish-jigging and in the end, BOTH couples were crowned – rightly so – as District Dance Champions.

It was a night many of us will never forget. A fun, magical night. The kind of night that can only happen at an Engaged Encounter Convention. Because, only with our Engaged Encounter family, do we know we’re surrounded by people who share the same values of faith, marriage and family. We are with people who know that “Love is a decision;” and, quite frankly, people who CHOOSE love tend to be all around awesome and kind of loads of fun. They also seem to be great dancers and seriously know how to have a good time.

So, dust off those ruffled tuxes and those big-bow-bedazzled prom dresses (or maybe choose a fun more updated, dance-friendly outfit) for the Convention dance on Saturday, October 2nd. And be ready to shake your reBOOTY!

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