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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here's the Proof. Allow me to introduce you to Kia: The Sassy Wagon. So far, driving a minivan has been a good thing. It's like I'm a new person -- I'm "Jenny who drives a minivan" -- which, contrary to popular belief, actually makes me WAY cooler. There's such a stigma with minivan ownership, but this little beauty ain't nothin’ but sass.

I have found, though, that now that we own a car big enough for easy child expansion, I suddenly feel a lot more ready to expand the number of our children. Which, really? Not such a good thing in this adoption process. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we are just as freakishly busy as usual, and OF COURSE, we’ve been excited about adopting a baby girl from the first green light, but I was REALLY hoping to not get bitten by the Baby Bug quite yet. (Seeing as we could be waiting for Baby Girl for a LONG time, being super excited about it will just make the wait feel that much longer).

I’m looking forward to a few things the most about Baby Girl: 1.) Getting to see Zachary as a big brother (and of course, an older Matthew big brother with a baby sister this time ‘round). 2.) Getting to carry Baby Girl around in the Ergo Baby (the most magical, wonderful baby carrier ever that sadly, we didn’t get until Zach was already 2. I plan to wear Baby Girl in the Ergo Baby 24-7…well, maybe not QUITE that much, but she’ll basically be like my daily accessory). 3.) I’m looking forward to slowing down. Yes, I understand that this seems like an oxymoron – adding a 3rd child to our family shouldn’t technically make us LESS busy, but it WILL force me to schedule LESS. To spend more time at home. To just BE. And, that, my friends, sounds delightful.

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