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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Today was momentous. Enormous. Matthew – my baby – had his first day of full-day kindergarten. Mike and I drove him to school for the occasion. And while he was happy to have us there and clung a little bit, he was mostly just bummed he didn’t get to ride the school bus. (He did ride it home though! And from now on he’ll be a bus boy – a fact that he is most ecstatic about).

I did what all good moms do on the first day of kindergarten…I shed a tear or two. Mourning the loss of releasing my offspring into the wild. I held it together while in the classroom. Matthew was feeling a little apprehensive, and I didn’t want him to see that I was a tad upset. But then a mom stood up from saying goodbye to one of the little girls and she was practically sobbing. I looked at her and said, “OK, I can’t see that or I’ll definitely lose it.” She laughed and said, “She’s not even my kid!!” (I think she was a neighbor or something). Anyway, I managed to keep it together until we got outside.

The whole crying-thing really boggles Mike’s mind. He just doesn’t get why all the kindergarten moms were crying.

“It’s not like we just dropped him off at college,” Mike said. “And you’re already hoping that he marries a nice girl someday, so…”

“OK! I just dropped my baby off at school! And now we’re talking about college and marriage?! Can we please take this one huge milestone at a time?”

Thankfully, a little retail therapy got me through the day. We went to IKEA and bought the boys new loft beds for their new-and-improved, soon-to-be shared room. Mike got Matthew’s put together so it was waiting for him when he got home from the bus. He was VERY excited…as you can see. He had to try it out with Green Bear right away.

We have an interview/meeting at the adoption agency that we’ll be going through tomorrow. So, more on that to come soon. It’ll be a long process, but we’re excited to be getting it started! And the boys are excited to start sharing a room (yeah, that excitement will probably die the moment that they move in together, but whatever…we’ll run with it for now!), so we’re getting ready for that too!

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