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Friday, September 11, 2009

Today, Matthew had his first day back at school since the whole missing of the bus and my bug in the eyeball debacle and yesterday’s Snotty-Stay-at-Home-Day. Just to REALLY make sure he made it on the bus, I fashioned an exceptionally cool sign to his backpack. I also stuck a little note in his lunch box (which, might I add, he happened to see before he left for school and he read it out loud all by himself!). Overkill? I think not. I debated on Sharpie-penning a sign on his forehead but decided against it. Subtle yet successful, that was my goal.

And it worked! When Matthew got off the bus this afternoon, the entire BSC (Bus Stop Crowd) cheered. It was awesome. Matthew broke into a teeth-grin, came running at me and gave me an enormous hug. (He’s usually more of a let’s-keep-it-clean-and-cool-Mom-and-you-can-just-kinda-put-your-arm-around-me-as-a-greeting kind of kid). Needless-to-say, we were BOTH happy he made it onto Bus #7.

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