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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Its official: Mike and I are superheroes. We can strut our stuff wearing tights and capes, AND we can nearly win dance contests. (We were in ‘normal clothes’ and just couldn’t get 1st place and totally sweep the competition; we would have given our ‘Clark Kent’ alter-egos away. It was only just we let the normal humanoids win.)

What crazy talk is this? You wonder. Allow me to expound:

We spent the weekend in Park City, Utah attending our Engaged Encounter District Convention. As is the tendency at these events we had a fan-frickin-tastic time. SO much fun! (Sadly, we didn’t have a chance to actually explore Park City nor did we get to sneak up the hill and slide down the 2002 Winter Olympics Luge tracks…that woulda been so fun. Ah well. Next time.)

On Saturday eve of the Convention there is always a fancy-dancy banquet and partAY ‘cuz, let’s face it, Catholic married-types know how to get down. To kick off the dinner, our promo video for the National Convention was played for the crowd. [ or YouTube “Reboot Your Relationship” if you’ve not yet seen it]. At the end of the video viewing, Mike and I swept through the crowd and along with “EE Couple” (our good friends Greg & Sara) gave a brief chEEsy presentation encouraging everyone to attend the National Convention next fall. (Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures from that night, but come on, we’ve got a whole video!)

As Mike and I exited the ballroom, a woman came running out to the hall. Her two-year-old son had just seen us in the video and then was amazed to see the SuperhEEros in real life, so she brought him out to meet us. Finally my dreams of being a ‘character personality’ at Disneyland were fulfilled. I gave him a high-five as any good SuperhEEro would. Had I not been too choked up and moved by my adoring fan, I would have told him to be good and to…Reboot his relationships…anyway, it was pretty darn cute.

After our super appearance, Mike and I beautified and entered the ballroom to dine with our fellow SEEattle couples. (Yeah, the EE thing gets old, but it amuses mEE every time). After dinner, there was an old school dance contest – you dance until you’re tapped on the shoulder to sit down. Well, needless-to-say, the weeks of watching “So You Think You Can Dance” have certainly paid off. “America’s Got Talent” – watch out. ‘Cuz we got it. Mike and I danced like crazy – we swing danced (or would it be ‘swang’?), salsa-ed, tango-ed, two-stepped, all the while saying, “OK, focus, keep your head the game. Don’t get sloppy on race…er…dance contest day. Hold on, here come the judges, stop looking like you’re going to pass out and smile. Hmmm, maybe if we snag one of the judges and dance around him that will help…or not.”

Just after I’d said to Mike, “I think I may die soon,” they cut the music, and I realized that we were one of the Final Four. That’s right. Mmm-hmmm. We shook it like it ain’t no thang. Mike even whipped out the ‘ol ‘worm’ on the dance floor (granted that was a little rusty and more of a slug) and did a little ‘turn to the audience, booty-shake-and-slap, turn to the audience, booty-shake-and-slap’ rotation just to really win the crowd over. We were pulling out all the stops, let me tell you! The contest was narrowed down to two couples, and our very own EE Couple, Greg & Sara were among the finalists!

The audience waited with bated breath to see what song the DJ and judges would select for the dancing show-down. A low ripple of shock and collective gasp ran through the crowd when an Irish Jig began to play. Um. Boo-yeah. Too bad Sara DID Irish Dance in school and Greg is just so freakin’ hilarious with his perfectly played Michael Flatley – Lord of the Dance number. Word. They were so good, in fact, that the other couple just stood back to watch. No competition! They were amazing and Mike and I sat there grinning from ear-to-ear like a proud mama and papa. (We helped Greg & Sara workshop their talks to become a presenting team on the EE Retreats and have been their mentor couple for a year now.) After the jig, the DJ put on some salsa and the other couple – who I will say was 60+ years old and phenomenal – stepped up with a brilliant routine. It was determined that both couples were winners and they split a $200 prize!

Mike and I are already working on a routine for next year’s competition…I mean Convention…we’re thinking matching unitards might be in order.

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