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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to us, Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to us, Happy..8th…OK, you get it. And I know you’re singing along right now – complete with forced vibrato and serious jazz-hands.

Yes, 8 years ago today was one of the most stressful yet important days of my life. (If this sounds less than enthusiastic than you don’t know ‘our story’. And it’s a story…coming eventually to a bookstore near you…). It’s funny that all my ‘big’ days thus far have been just that – big, but not necessarily wonderful. These huge, momentous moments have always been mingled with some sort of very trying side effects. (i.e. spending your wedding night in the ER, finding out that the 5 week early birth of your daughter is actually the birth of your son, etc.). So, while this may sound like the start of a Pity Party it is actually the complete opposite. A – hmm, what is the opposite of a pity party? – um, it’s a Celebration of Blessings.

Mike and I have a phe-freakin-nomenal marriage. We’re best friends plus a lot of somethin’ somethin’ more. And we have spawned the two most beautiful, genius offspring that ever walked the earth. I could go on and on and list all of the millions of small things and events that have made up for the lack of wonderfulness of the big things and events but I shan’t. I’ll just leave you with this conversation that Matthew, Zach and I had about love today.

Me: How do you show love?
Matthew: By kissing and hugging and doing nice things.
Me: How do you boys show each other love?
Matthew: By playing nice together.
Zach: By doing tricks. Watch. [Zach proceeds to run into the living room.]
Me: Matthew! Go look. Zach is doing a trick to show you his love.
[Zach executes a perfect monkey-jump, spin, somersault move.]
Zach: See?!!
Matthew: Well, that was mostly awesome.

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