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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! But on a much sadder note: we have 357 days until Christmas! This is the part that’s just rough for me. The Christmas songs are no longer playing on the radio, people are no longer holiday-harried crazy, they’re just post-holiday cranky (plus seriously sugar-highed-and-lowed). The Christmas decorations are still up but they’re kinda saggy, definitely dusty and acting as a cruel reminder that their purpose has been served and it’s time for Christmas clean-up to commence. Bah. Hum-Bug.

We had a wonderful Christmas. The look on Zachary’s face when he saw his play kitchen from Santa was pretty priceless. And Matthew’s high-pitched, “Huh?!” at getting THREE Indiana Jones Lego’s instead of his requested two was great. Apparently he was an extra very good boy this year!

The big take this year was Mike’s Christmas gift/slash upcoming 30th birthday gift. He got to pick out a blu-ray player and surround sound home theater audio/system. It can now be said that our TV set-up is officially ‘tricked out.’ He’s a happy boy.

The best quote of Christmas day happened at my parents’ place when we were there for presents and dinner. Zach opened a gift from my brother, his Uncle Chris. It was a pair of bright orange swim goggles. Zach pulled them out of the box as if they were priceless diamonds and with the utmost sincerity and respect breathed “They’re perfect.”

Mike and I had a ‘perfect’ Christmas get-away to winter wonderland Leavenworth – a Bovarian-themed village nestled in the mountains. We stayed at the same Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at three years ago (to the day!) when Mike surprised me with our first trip there. I was pregnant with Zach at the time. So, this trip had the added benefit of enjoying wine!

The B & B owners, Mike & Cindy, are phenomenal people. And Cindy is an incredible cook. On our first morning, we ate our gourmet breakfast while watching three river otters frolic along the snowy banks of the Wenatchee River. Several bald eagles soared and swooped through the falling snow. The whole place is like a magical postcard come to life.

Despite the magical and romantic get-away, after a couple of days we did manage to pull ourselves back to reality (and yes, return to our children). While there’s nothing quite like a Bed and Breakfast escape, Zach helped the transition by serving me breakfast in bed our first morning back. (You see, he’s been very into his new play kitchen and making all sorts of play-food masterpieces). I woke up to a feast of goodness being placed on my bedside table – corn on the cob, a banana and French fries. Yellow-themed and quite the breakfast of champions.

So, it is the New Year and that does mean a time of Resolutions for one and all (and especially those list-making lovers among us). I just checked back on my New Year’s-y blog from the dawn of ’08. I attempted to not actually make a list and then – a surprise to no one who knows me – I not only listed my goals but preceded to analysis each one in deep detail. In BRIEF summary they were: 1.) To get to bed earlier and therefore get up earlier and easier (for my 6am running and writing weekdays), 2.) To listen to my Mommy Gut (as in: don’t get sent away from the doctor’s office when I KNOW something is wrong with my child) and 3.) To Just Say No (to not automatically say yes to appease my People Pleasing tendencies).

That was last year’s list. I’d say it was a pretty good list. So good in fact that I’ll keep all of them and add another: 4.) To update my blog at least once a week even if it’s not the most entertaining and educational post, I should aim to keep my readers more involved in the needless details of my life. You’re welcome.

Here’s to 2009. Cheers!

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