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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WRITTEN last Tuesday (Aug. 4, 2008)....

Vacation. Sweet vacation. We’re on it, baby! And it is a-mazing! I don’t remember the last time I had a vacation (or if I ever?!) that didn’t have a “plan.” The “plan” for this vacation was seriously: relax, have fun. It’s not a novel concept to many, but it is to me. I’m a total rookie at this. Every single vacation that Mike and I have taken in our seven-years-in-one-week marriage has had an agenda, an ulterior motive if you will. We’ve always gone somewhere – often an Engaged Encounter Convention dictating the location – and have had a plan – every single day mapped out with places to go and things to do. Even Disneyland, while marvelous, wonderful and the happiest (and crankiest) place on Earth is a vacation of plans and goals…get to that ride, beat the crowd, find a good spot to watch the parade, etc. Disneyland may be the happiest place on Earth but I think we may have found heaven on Earth.
We are spending the week in Lake Chelan, WA in a beautiful townhouse with our great friends from EE – Jason and Rebecca and their kiddos who include Joshua (3) and Noah (1)….that means we’ve got FOUR boys under the age of five under one roof. So far, the roof has not caved in. Granted, it’s only been a couple of days, but still. That’s an accomplishment. While their have definitely been meltdowns and tears and unfortunately, there is snot a-running (our boys arrived with colds, in true Martin style), we have had a MARVELOUS time. I’m actually quite good at this vacation thing. I thought I would struggle with my whole need-of-a-plan-slash-analness, yet I have thrived at relaxing! I’ve managed to eat, read, sleep, write, run, swim, lounge, drink, and play games with the utmost of ease. I’m a vacationing genius.

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