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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sheesh! I hardly have a chance to finish writing about our last vacation before our next one! Oh, woe is me. Too many vacations. Yeah right. Vacations are fairly rare for us Martinoids, and yet, here we are – two in three weeks!
So, let’s wrap up the last one, before I commence on explaining the next one. Chelan was amazing and wonderful and insanely fun. On Wednesday, we went to the Waterslide Park. It was so cute to see Matthew, with buddy Joshua (both clad in puffy life jackets) walk together, holding hands and take turns coming down the twisty (“beginner”) water slides. (I stayed in the pool, to catch them at the bottom, or I’d come down first with Zach on my lap). They did awesome and had so much fun! Mike convinced me that I needed to go on at least one “Advanced” (i.e. grown-up) slide. We took a double tube down some sort of twisty, bumpy slide of torture. No, I’ll stick to the Beginner and Intermediate slides, thank you.
Thursday, the guys (Mike & Jason) went and rented a wave runner. Rebecca and I hoofed over to the beach with all the gear and kidlets and we all took turns have rides on the wave runner. It was so big the entire Martin family could sit on it: Matthew in the front – “steering”, then Mike, Zach (Mike blocked the wind and spray), and then I brought up the rear. The boys loved it! Matthew turned around and yelled, “This is awesome!” Mike and I got to go out later, just the two of us, and I got to drive for the first time. Mike gave me a hard time that I really didn’t take us that much faster than when we’d had the kids with us. So?!
Friday afternoon, when the kids were all napping/doing quiet time, Rebecca and I ditched the crew and went out wine-tasting. We hit up three different wineries and had some serious girl talk! That night we grilled steaks for the last supper and enjoyed a bottle that Rebecca and I had picked up on our tasting tour.
Saturday morning, we packed up, checked out of the townhouse and went out of town to a big blueberry farm-turned restaurant for one last meal together. It’s hard to believe that that was a week ago already! And yet, in some ways, it seems eons ago that we were lounging around on vacation!
In one week from today, Mike and I will be in another fun place – Napa Valley – for the wedding of Mo (one of my best friends from high school). We leave at the butt crack ‘o dawn on Thursday for San Fran. We’ll explore the city Thursday and Friday morning, pick up our rental car and then head to the Valley. Friday afternoon is the rehearsal and dinner (I’m playing my flute at her wedding), and then Saturday the wedding is at 4pm. I’m so excited for the wedding – it’s at a little Mission Church followed by the reception at a winery. This seems to be the summer of wine-themed vacationing, and I’m a fan! We fly home Sunday at the butt crack ‘o night. The boys will be with my parental at Port Ludlow from Wednesday night-Sunday. What with the pool and beach, etc. I bet they won’t even know we’re gone!

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