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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Drama or athletics. I don’t know which Zach will do – he’s equally talented in both. But, seriously, the child is dramatic! I don’t know from WHERE he could EVER get such acting prowess. It just astounds me.
Zach, in the mornings, gets out of his little bed and stands in his room, knocking on HIS door to be let out. The second the door is opened, he groggily says, “Cereal. I want cereal.” Then he usually has a large bowl of cereal and a banana or some other fruit-form. The other day, he woke up with a hole in his stomach or something ‘cuz we just could not seem to fill him up. He’d eaten cereal, a banana, toast, and a little more cereal until finally I drew the line. “OK, all done! Time to get down and play.” He resisted but did get down. However, the second his five-going-on-fifteen-year-old brother stumbled out of his room (after sleeping in until 10am!!), Zach thought it was definitely time for Second Breakfast.
“You can have yogurt,” I told him.
“No. Cereal,” he retorted.
“Nope. You already had lots of cereal.”
“I want cereal.”
“I know you want cereal,” I said. “But all I’m offering you is yogurt.”
At this point, Zach was back up in his chair at the table a-waiting…cereal.
“Zachary, you can have yogurt or nothing.”
In the most deflated, defeated move I’ve ever seen, Zach slowly put his arm on the table and wearily rested his head. He slowly shook his head back and forth and said, “I have nofing. Nofing to eat.”
After I finished calling the Academy to tell them where to find their next Oscar winner, I reminded him one more time, “Zach, you CAN have yogurt.”
His head shot up and with steam coming forth from his various facial orifices, he cried, “NO! Cereal!”
Yeah, OK. I was done.
Realizing that anger was definitely not helping his cause, he slowly put his head back down on the table and repeated in the most melancholy of ways, “I have nofing. Nofing to eat.”
When he makes it big in Hollywood, he can have all the cereal he wants.

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