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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm VERY thankful for the many blessings that we've been...blessed with, but I must admit that today, my mind is stuck on something very sad and devastating. Kara the Computer – my laptop de reves – seems to have finally succumbed to the coffee bath that Zachary gave her some months ago. All of a sudden, yesterday, she just up would not start. Nothing. Nada.

This would not be quite so upsetting if the program that Mike had set up had worked properly. The program was supposed to sync up the documents I worked on with Kara with our home computer (on which I’m typing now). So, my Blog should have been automatically updated with changes, AND the middle-grade chapter book that I now have SIXTY pages of would have been updated as well. Yeah, you guessed it – Mr. Computer Program DID NOT do its job. I may have lost about 30 pages of my book. (A similar incident happened to my writer friend Kristyn a few months ago – she lost 40 pages of a piece of work, and I could not truly empathize. Kristyn – I now sincerely apologize for your loss; I truly understand and totally and completely am in mourning with you and for you).

Mike thinks that Kara’s hard-drive should still be OK and carefully holding on to all my documents. This is marvelous and wonderful news, but until I can see my book in its in entirety and all of my other masterpieces, I will not be at peace. Mike was, of course, a genius and got a warranty of sorts with my laptop. So, we’ll need to do some research to see if “Death by Coffee” is covered. In the meantime, all major banks in your area are accepting donations to the SAVE KARA fund or you can simply send your monetary funds to me, and I’ll be happy to see they get spent in a good and therapeutic-shopping sort of way.

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