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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Halloween was a hoot. Matthew has never gotten ready to get out the door so quickly. Once he realized that it was Trick-or-Treating time, the boy moved super speedy fast. Matthew was decked out in this fire fighter gear and Zachary was a darling Dalmatian – complete with leash (the toddler-don’t-run-into-the-street-and –get-hit-by-a-car kind). Matthew was a T-or-T superstar and Zach loved it – ran the whole time up and down our. Zachary didn’t really get the concept. Every time a door opened, he tried to enter the house, but we didn’t let him – he’s not house-trained and might piddle on the floor.

We came home with a ton’o booty (just from the few houses we went to). As always, I sacrificed myself for the well-being of my family. I consumed most of the Halloween candy, so that they wouldn’t have to. Look, I just do what’s best for them. That’s the kind of mother that I am.

I’m also the kind of mother who likes to occasionally entertain my children with some choice musical numbers. Today, while I was preparing lunch for two apparently starving and famished little people, I was singing one of my favorite songs from music class. It’s about a worm who eats your garbage and turns it into compost. Seriously. My students graduate from Little Ditties Music Academy not only musical prodigies but environmental advocates as well. So, anyway, I’m singing and hear Zach say his first ever phrase, “All doh, Mama. All doh.” My child was telling me all done. As in stop singing, Mom. Stop singing. My talent is so underappreciated in this household.

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