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Sunday, July 03, 2016

June Overview/Review

This picture right here, pretty much demonstrates how our big push to the end of the school year felt.  Matthew literally fell asleep moments after walking in the door post-bus drop-off, backpack still on.  He worked his tail off to get through his first year of middle school and did awesome – straight A’s!  We’re all happy the school year is done.

Kayliana graduated from pre-Kindergarten.  She’s very excited to be joining the boys in full-day, 
bus-taking school livin’.

Business Venture
Kayliana started a rock-painting business.  We’ve named it “Rockin’ Art.”  She made this “creepy clown” and announced that Uncle Timothy should buy it for either “$50 or $10,000.”  He has yet to complete the transaction.  She started taking her rocks door-to-door and made over $3 in her first day.  The boys quickly realized she was on to something with this plan and immediately joined the family business.  Matthew announced that Kayli should be the main salesperson though seeing as “she’s cute and can sell more.”  He thought a 60-40 split seemed fair.  (Sales-lady would earn a 40% commission).  So far, their primary focus has been on production and they’ve spent several afternoons painting. 

The Creepy Clown rock

 Some of Kayli's creations

 The Rockin' Artists at work

Brief Pet

I discovered this little guy hanging out on our hose wheel.  Matthew immediately ran inside grabbed a vase (of all things!) and built “Winston” a little habitat.  For 24 hours this poor little creature lived in confusion in a vase (with a poked-holy syran-wrap roof) on our kitchen table.  On the 2nd day, he was looking awfully sad.  Winston had lost his bright green glow and was looking a bit blah-green.  We discussed how he needed food.  For some reason, the boys went in search of bugs and managed not to find a-one.  Really?!  Even with the woods behind us and the bug-eaten leaves in my pathetic attempt at a garden?  After doing some Google-research, the next thing I know, the boys are sprinkling bacon bits into the vase.

“Um, what are you doing?” I ask.

“Well, it said that frogs like meat.  We thought we’d give him some bacon,” Zach logically explained.

“Riiiight, so guys, I think we need to set Winston free….” I start.

The confused and terrified frog, was now crouched in the vase wondering what the heck kind of strange land he’d found himself in.  A place where it rains bacon.

The kids agreed and we put the vase on its side in the yard.  Winston VERY quickly hopped out and scurried away from the bacon-captivity madness.

Yesterday, when I went to water my straggly vegetables, I was startled to discover Winston, happily bright-green again and clinging to his favorite spot on our hose.


June brought some exciting events.  Zach was in another Youth Theater play – this time James and the Giant Peach.  He was one of the narrators.

I was blessed with the chance to experience a miracle - the birth of my best friend Rebecca’s 3rd daughter (and 5th child) Maria Grace on June 13th.  She’s perfect.

On June 16th, I was in charge of the Kindergarten graduation at my big school.  They boomwhacked Ode to Joy (beginner and advanced version), Star Wars and Pomp and Circumstance.  They did AMAZING! They also sang An Irish Blessing which – I’m sad to say, after tons of practicing and fabulous run-throughs – somehow turned out to be a major train wreck.  Oh well.  It’s done!  First crazy school year teaching at 4 different preschools – DONE!  Their practice can be watched here:  They did even WAY better at the actual graduation!

We spent a weekend at Lake Cavanagh with our Engaged Encounter family/friends.  We rented a big house and had a BLAST.  Mike gave the kids rock-skipping lessons.  Matthew (aka Mini-Mike) has gotten quite good!

Zachary and I got sassy short summer haircuts.

We’re spending the 4th of July celebrating Zach’s 10th birthday (back on April 28th) with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge water park.  Since we’ll be inside and will miss the fireworks, we took the boys to the Mariner’s game on Friday night, July 1st.  They won – woohoo!  It was a GREAT game.  And afterwards they had a patriotic fireworks show.  Zach and I were FREAKING out with how amazing it was!  (Mike and Matthew were also there but – as usual – quite more subdued in their reaction).

Happy 4th of July!  God Bless America!

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