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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Second Party!

And that makes two!  Yesterday, I got to do my 2nd Elsa appearance/birthday party.  This time, it was at a preschool in West Seattle – a Spanish immersion preschool.  (Sadly, this Elsa doesn’t habla espagnol…no one seemed to mind though).  When I started the whole princess party biz, I was picturing being in people’s homes with maybe 12 little kiddos at your standard birthday party.  Funny that my first two events have been much bigger than that – my debut was at an arena with 20ish kids plus parents (including beer-drinkin’ dads) and then yesterday was at a community center preschool with 30 kids, 5 teachers and all of the parents.  Sheesh!

A classmate of mine from high school had contacted me on Facebook to see if I could come.  Her daughter was one of three girls being celebrated for having a May Birthday.  (I had to refrain from telling the girls that I, too, have a May birthday…as I’m not sure when Elsa birthday is).  The students knew that I was coming and many of the girls had dressed appropriately in Frozen attire.  The teachers had even decorated the classroom!

While my first party’s attendees were chatty and full of all sorts of Frozen enthusiasm and the desire to interact with Elsa and tell me all sorts of information and hug me and admire my dress and my hair and my ice-power cold hands, yesterday’s party kiddos were the complete opposite.  (Granted, they were at school and not a sports arena where they’d been jumping in big bouncy houses).  Yesterday, the kids sat at my feet in complete shock and awe.  They were shy and tentative and most didn’t want to come get a picture with me at the end.  They sat there like Elsa is in my preschool. Mind. Blown.   After I did my few short snow songs, sang Let it Go and blew bubbles, they sat at tables for their snack.  I waited for kids to come up to have individual photos taken with me.  When one of the moms or teachers asked if they wanted to come see me, many of them vehemently shook their head but then coyly glanced at me and shyly smiled and waved every few minutes. 

One thing I’ve GOT to do is figure out my hair.  Despite having a wig cap on covering the majority of it and attempting to use temporary ‘platinum’ spray to lighten the edges, too much of it shows under the wig.  I’m like trashy Elsa who needs to get her roots touched up – like big time.  I’ve ordered one of those bald head wigs that will hopefully fit super tight like a swim cap.  Oh my gosh, it’ll look amazing! Ha!  But, ideally, it’ll cover the hair that the wig doesn’t.  We’ll see.  I know the kids don’t seem to care, but I don’t want the parents thinking they’ve hired lame dark-roots Elsa!  

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Anonymous said...

Or there's dyeing your hair blonde! I'll help!!