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Friday, April 12, 2013

We’re nearing the end of Spring Break.  It’s been good but way too short, as usual.  The kids and I spent a few days with my parental units at their Port Ludlow beach house.  I have spent this little ‘vacation,’ as often happens, exhausted and coming down with a cold.  It’s impressive but also frustrating that somehow my body ‘knows’.  I haven’t had to use any of my built-in make-up days for music class this year as I’ve managed – when I have not felt well – to do so only Tuesday-Sunday or during vacation.  It’s convenient and yet annoying at the same time.
At any rate, the biggest thing going on with me lately is my constant thoughts of house projects!  I don’t know if it’s the Spring that brings this on (you know, new beginnings and all that) or the fact that I still have a couple of big house projects lingering from post-move last summer, but I’m ITCHING to have endless resources and endless time to do endless projects.  Obviously, none of that is realistic, but a girl can dream, right?  And dream I have!
Thanks to the time-suck that is Pinterest (, if you don’t know it) and thanks to a tip from my book club friend, Molly, a – dare I say? – even-more-magical-than-Pinterest website called (perfect when it comes to all your house-planning-dreaming needs), I’ve spent probably an unhealthy amount of time planning projects that will last me the next ten-twenty-plus years (but in my head I can somehow manage to do them all by myself this summer).
My first priority project is getting our master bathroom painted and the big mirror reinstalled.  When they remodeled the house before we moved in, they’d taken down the enormous wall-sized mirror above the sinks and vanity (and put it in the garage) and installed two small oval mirrors.  Sure, they’re cute and all, but they’e tiny…and low.  Mike actually has to KNEEL to see himself for shaving. Because of how they installed the little mirrors (with light fixtures above), we will also have to rework the lighting.  I’m all about the painting and easy projects but the more involved stuff like lighting will require Mike’s help.  We’ve had the paint – a very light sky blue – since last summer when I was on a total project-roll, but then, huh, funny! For some reason, getting our old house ready to move (with tons of projects to do from the inspection list), plus packing, then moving and then painting nearly every room here and then Deck Restoring the entire quite large deck, I just kinda ran outta steam.  Weird!  But, now I’m ready!  In addition to the light sky blue on the walls, I’m going to paint the long vanity a deep, dark teal.  My mom had done that at their condo at Port Ludlow and it looks fabulous!  There’s also an old ladder in the garage and I’m toying with the idea of removing the boring ‘ol towel bar and painting the ladder the same teal to use for a multiple towel rack between the shower and tub.  It would fit perfectly and (at least in my head) look awesome.  Get on board, Mikey!  I’m getting all sorts of crafty! 
I know, technically, you shouldn’t post crappy, junky “before” photos ‘til you can at least show a good “in progress” photo or, even better, an “after” picture, but seeing as these projects will take me a while and I want you to be able to see what I’m talking about, I’m going to break the rules! 

One outdoor dream I have is to upcycle or repurpose some old cabinet, table or shelf thingies and install a big potting bench/garden storage area on the ugly backside of the garage (which is also by the office window).  Nothing grows well there due to the shade and because of the swamp nature of that particular part of our yard, so it’d be a good place to put it.  Plus, the empty walls are ugly, it would be convenient to have my gardening stuff out there AND it would open up storage space in the garage.

Just below the deck (where those four square stones are), we removed a small maple tree that was planted WAY too close to the house.  We replanted it at the bottom of the ravine and so far it seems to be doing great!  In that open bark spot, I’d like to put a small stone patio and either build or buy (either second hand or end of the season sale) a fire pit.  So fun!

Another huge project right now is building an L-shaped raised vegetable bed in the backyard just beyond the deck.  The longest part of the L (along the retaining wall where those three pots are) will be about 16 feet long; the shorter part (right below the deck) will be 10 feet long.  After lots of research (thank you, Pinterest and Houzz), I think I’m actually going to use the same retaining wall stone blocks that we had at the old house.  I know how to work with them; they’re sturdy and permanent and look good.  But they weigh a butt-ton and figuring out how many we’ll need and how to get them all here is tricky…and again, will require Mike’s help.  It’s not that Mike doesn’t want to help, he just has other things (like working, installing new garage door openers and assistant coaching Matthew’s little league baseball team) that he needs to be doing.  I’m also thinking that I’ll upcycle the sides of our old crib (that we can’t donate due to the now-illegal drop-down side) to use as a small fence along the back of the garden bed.  They can also be used for plant trellises.  I’ll sand them down and stain them with some of our maroon deck stain.  The garden stones will be gray, the little fence maroon – do you see how it will all perfectly tie in with the deck colors?  I know no one cares about these details as much as I do, but oh well.  You’re reading my blog, you’re along for my ride!  Plus, it’ll be fun for me to look back and see how I wanted things to be…and compare to how they actually turn out. 
I know this project is way bigger than it seems in my head (where I actually think I might be able to get the bed built AND planted THIS season.)  Huh! We’ll see about that.

In conclusion, I’ll post a picture of the one little beautifying project that I have done recently.  Thanks to some seriously frugal finds I was able to set this up at the front door.  The pillow, vase and dried fleurs were all found at a thrift store and are the PERFECT colors for us and I bought the chair at Lowes for less than $20.  I’m a huge fan.  This is my new morning coffee spot as the sun is actually on that side.  I can still sit on the deck (once the weather warms up).  Plus, I can sit here and wait for the boys as they come home from the bus stop (on the one day a week they walk home sans me but with their neighbor buddy).

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