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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cheers and fears

A few weeks ago, we got a phone call from the principal.  I wasn’t all that surprised…it was only a matter of time.  And I’ll admit that I REALLY wasn’t surprised that she was calling about Zachary.  To my utter amazement, she went on to congratulate us on sending such a great kid to their school.  Zach was the recipient of a “Great Kid of the Week” award.  He got to have lunch with the principal where he received a school keychain.  And his teacher wrote the NICEST note about him.  (Totally a keeper).  One of the things that Ms. C. wrote about Zachary was that he is an “eager learner.”  Zach has taken these words to heart and we’ve been reminded repeatedly when he factually states, “Well, I AM an eager learner, you know!”


Ironically, we just got a phone call this morning that Matthew has now been selected as a Great Kid.  Woohoo!


Matthew, last week, told Zachary and I, “So, it’s not like I have crushes on all the girls in my class, but I really like to make them laugh.”


“Oh really?” I asked. 


“Yes, I just really like the sound of girls’ laughter.”


Kayli, unfortunately, has been a little bit less girly-laughter lately.  She’s dedicated herself 100% to the terrible two’s.  Holy Majoly, her tantrums are something to be seen and heard (or not, if you have the option).  She’s also decided to go nap-free about 99% of the time which only fuels the cranky-fest fire.


She’s had a new issue lately that we really need to work through. Let’s say a piece of fuzz is on the floor or a little bit of hay got out from Scout’s cage.  Someone walks by causing a slight breeze and the little object then moves on its own.  She screams and shrieks in such terror you’d think that something seriously horrific was occurring.  (Apparently, to her it is).  So, we’ve taken her over to the fuzz or hay and pointed out what it is and maybe blown on it to show how it can move.  (This usually results in her just clingy to us all the more).  Well, this whole phobia has taken another turn: the child is now literally scared of her own shadow.  For the past couple of hours she’s refused to walk across the hardwood floor where the kitchn ceiling lights cast her shadow about.  She will just stand there completely frozen in terror refusing to move.  It’s a little funny (at first) but then also kind of sad ‘cuz she’s genuinely scared but then also annoying and frustrating because we can’t get anything done!


Mike’s the one who’s been dealing with this fear factor this morning.  He’s working from home as I’m sick.  Like sick-sick.  Yesterday afternoon, I started to feel not awesome.  Thankfully, Mike was home in time to be the awesome back-rubber that he is when I’m puking.  He can tell you (if anybody really wanted to hear the details) that I am an AWFUL puker.  It is not one of my gifts.  Our family in general is a puking people.  The boys handle it like champs.  I’ve always been a puker myself but I’m SO terrible at it.  I freak out.  Actually, I’ve looked into it and there’s a fear of vomiting – emetophobia.  My fear is more that I feel like I’m choking and can’t breathe so then I freak out.  Puking, to me, is seriously, the Worst. Thing. Ever.  And I was so (oddly) proud that I’d made it many months without throwing up in this house.  I was hoping to keep my puke-free streak going for as long as possible, but shoot, I didn’t even make it a year!


So, now with my fear of vomiting and Kayliana’s fear of things moving on the floor, maybe we can get a group rate for therapy!    

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