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Monday, July 11, 2011

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks since the race doing the following: cooking deliciousness, eating, drinking, watching the boys do the slip ‘n slide, eating and drinking, attempting to do a mass declutter/organizing of the house, keeping Kayliana from getting stuck into too many tight spots, eating and drinking, and watching and cursing the growing weeds in the flowerbeds (tackled them a bit this weekend, but really, what’s the point?! They just grow back!).

The boys had a brief break from one another last week. Matthew got to do an overnight with my parents and then help them on their Friends of the Needy (delivering food to homeless shelters…that’s right, just an another day for St. Matthew). Meanwhile, Zach attended day one of our neighbor’s “Backyard Bible Club” (which Matthew joined for the last two days). When the boys reuinited my dad overheard the following conversation:

Zachary: It was nice not to have you here, Matthew. We needed a break ‘cuz we sometimes argue a lot.
Matthew: Yeah, well, it was nice not being here. You bug me sometimes.
Zachary: Well, well, you bug me too!!

We’re working on teaching them healthy communication (using “their words”) and this seems a step in the right direction (better than the elbow that Zach let fly “by accident” into Matthew’s side the other day).

Enjoy pictures of children looking (for the most part) patriotic and angelic.

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