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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

One thing that’s awesome about being a parent is getting to break rules – like even your own rules. (For example: one rule I break as a RULE – as in without fail, I don’t let myself down; I BREAK this rule – is treats in the morning, for breakfast. As a kid, if you ask your parental unit if you can have candy before breakfast they will scoff in your face and look at you with regret like, “hmmm, maybe I did drop you on your head when you were a baby.” Well, now, I start EVERY single morning, with my coffee and a piece of dark chocolate. It’s like I’m laughing in the face of rules. Ha! Take that RULES. I’m such a rebel!). Another fun aspect of parenting is doing the things that you said, “I will never….” (Like, I’ll never the answer question “why?” with “because I said so.” Dude. I’ve TOTALLY pulled that line out). And really, deep down, when you say, “I’ll never…” you kinda know that there’s a REALLY good chance you’re just setting yourself up for some future failure/rule breakage.

So, I have always said that “I will never have a kids’ birthday party at a big crazy birthday party-type place.” I’m eating those words. I totally caved. I blame parental guilt. For some reason, we only have birthday parties approximately every four (or more) years for our children, so since this was the 5th for Zachary, it was high time we celebrate in style. The ONLY thing he wanted for his birthday party was getting to have it at one of those big ‘ol cheesy family fun centers ‘o chaos. So, I gave in. Zach, Matthew and several of their boy buddies partied there on Saturday. It was noisy, it was bumpin’, it was chaotic and they had so much fun.

We had started the day with excitement: first ever TBall team pictures (then back home for an hour), first ever TBall game.(then back home for an hour) and then came the birthday party. Needless-to-say, the kids CRASHED Saturday night from all-funned-out-exhaustion.

I’m happy that it all went well but I was even happier when it was over. I can honestly say, I will NEVER ever have a kids’ birthday party at a big place ever again (…for at least the next four-five years.)

[P.S. Check out the enormous spit-bubble-of-joy on Kayliana’s chin!]

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