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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kayliana was such an overachiever at her two month check-up today! What a little show-off! She was nothing but smiles and coo’s for Dr. Benda and even rolled over for the first time (on her own) during some tummy time on the table. (No worries – we were both standing right there – it’s not like you just put a baby on an exam table and walk away…at least I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I’ve never dropped a baby or had a roll-off happen…that I can think of…). Dr. Benda questioned my math and whether or not Kayliana is actually four months old and not two! The way she interacted with Zachary and responded with coo’s and smiles to Dr. Benda and held herself up and did calculus and solved that whole Ozone-RainForest–SeaLife issue. Oh and then there was that Aria that she busted out. Right. Anyway, she was impressive…for a boring, ‘ol (perfect) two month old. And she’s an eating-sleeping-growing champ (as we know). She’s in the 90-95th percentile for weight, weighing in at a ladylike 12 pounds 10 ounces. She measures in the 50-75th percentile for both height (22 ¼ inches) and head circumference (15 ¼ -- for those of you taking notes. There WILL be a test). She has officially moved out of 0-3 month size clothes and into 3-6 months. She’s growing up too fast already! At this rate, we’ll likely be picking out a prom dress next year.

While Kayliana was a bubbly little happy-hoot at her appointment this morning, on Saturday she was a snoozing angel and missed her own party! We had the loveliest Saturday: many dear friends and my mama showered Kayliana (and me) in love and adorable clothes (more for her than me, though I did get some nice gym socks – thanks Mom)! Rebecca hosted and was so the hostess with the mostess – rocking her cute pregnant belly and martini-themed apron while mixing up Bellini’s at the Bellini bar (yes, it was THAT kind of baby shower – woohoo)! And check out that spread! It was such a good time. I seriously don’t know how Kayli will manage to fit in all the cute outfits that we got, but rest assured: we’ll have as many outfit changes as necessary!

The very last present I opened was from my dear friend Julia’s dear mom. (Dears, lots of dears). I thought that I’d pulled all the goodies out of the bag when I saw there was one last tissue-wrapped item on the bottom. How could anything possibly follow the leg warms and silver sparkly shoes?! I opened up the tissue to discover a most gorgeous quilt – this is wonderful in itself – but then, oh then, I glance at the back of the quilt and see Kayliana’s birth announcement. There was no warning. Wazzammeeee! No time to prepare a composed, polite tearing-up; a gentle watering of the eyes. No, this was a sudden onslaught of ugly-cry snottiness. (And darn you, Julia, for catching it on camera!) I was so touched! And for the record, I had the same reaction to the quilt for Matthew made by my aunt Jackie. On the back of his there was a little stitched/monogrammed note saying “to Matthew who surprised us all…” that back-of-quilt brought on an equal amount of floody-emotion. Apparently I’m a sucker for beautifully made quilts. And specifically, I’m a sucker for quilts with touching notes or images on the back. And I’m most specifically a sucker for my kids.

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