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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Zach is officially a four-year-old, bicycle-riding machine. He had a great birthday celebration last week and – as always in this household – we made sure to stretch out the festivities over several days.

On Tuesday, Matthew, Zachary and I went to a Storybook Theater production of the Princess and the Pea. Zach leaned over during the stage musical and whispered (in a bit of a stage whisper), “I’m SO happy right now,” and proceeded to plant a wet kiss on my arm. I guess he liked it the show!

We then had a mini-birthday party with best friends Joshua and Noah. They played, ate yummy lunch, watched a movie, played some more, had cupcakes and an all-around good time. As always, Rebecca and I had a great time with a glass of wine to celebrate (not that we ever need a birthday as an excuse for a glass ‘o wine).

Wednesday (April 28th – the actual big day), we went to my parentals’ for the big birthday dinner. Zachary got all sorts of fun stuff there including a Playmobil “Pet Clinic” from us. He later said – talking about some of the little, tiny animals, “These guinea pigs are just so cute. I just can’t stop looking at them.”

Then, this past weekend, my brother Tim came up (aunt Rebecca was out of town for the weekend) along with Go-Go the Wonder Pug! The boys were super excited to see him (and their uncle too). Tim and Rebecca were kind enough to go in on a bike with us for Zachary. The boys are now a little biker gang ripping up and down our street. Matthew – no training wheels – is doing awesome and Zach hopped on his bike for the first time (WITH training wheels) and rode around like a champ!

Lastly, I’ve created a new little laptop spot for my dear Kara. I now use an on-line calendar (as you can see on my screen, actually) and Mike and I installed a new picture window so that – while writing – I can look out at our French vineyard and countryside (it’s in Provence, you see). It’s a beautiful view. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go hang the laundry out in the warm, lavender-scented sun. I will then sip my café au lait before starting in on preparations for our mid-day meal of Poulet aux Senteurs de Provence avec Haricots Verts et finalement, une Tarte Tatin. (Or maybe I’ll just do PBJ).

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