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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I’m husbandless…just for a few days. Mike is attending the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference in California. The last time he went to this Matthew was two and life was pre-Zach; so it’s been a while since we’ve been apart (besides the whole 7 week bed rest hospital-stay, but then we could still see each other). Anyway, on Sunday, before we took Mike to the airport, Matthew was heartbroken that daddy was leaving for a few days. We were talking about it while he colored (Mike, not Matthew) and he (Matthew) said, “But I’ll miss daddy so much. He’s so cool. He’s too cool to leave.” I suggested that maybe daddy should share his coolness with some other people for a few days since we get to experience his coolness all the time. Matthew didn’t go for this and finally just stated, “This just makes me so sad, and I’m going to cry now.” I like that there’s an announcement made pre-breakdown.

After we took Mike took the airport, I explained to Matthew in the car that he would have to be the “man of the house” for the next few days. I told him that maybe he could earn some extra allowance (because anything would be extra since he basically doesn’t earn any right now). If he could do some other jobs to help me and just be an exceptionally good listener this week that would be SO great.

That night at dinner, Matthew insisted on sitting at Mike’s place at the table. He also scolded Zachary and said, “Don’t make me use my angry daddy voice.” He insisted that I call him “Mikey” or “Honey.” I tried to explain to him that by being the “man of the house” he wasn’t ACTUALLY turning INTO the man of the house. I really knew that this had to stop when he leaned back in his chair, laced his fingers behind his head and casually said, “So, then, I’ll be sleeping with you tonight, huh, Mom?” Um…Yeah. I shot that one down, but just as soon as I finished explaining that we would all be sleeping in our normal beds and that Matthew had not, in fact, morphed into a mini-Michael (though, yes, he does look like one), Matthew had one more idea.


“Yes, Matthew?”

“Maybe I should have a glass of wine with dinner too.”

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