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Friday, February 20, 2009

I am so cool, and I can prove it.

So, earlier this week, we went to a friend’s house. I got my haircut while our kids all played together. The sun had broken through the clouds by the time we were done and ready to depart. It was turning out to be quite a bright, cheery day. I dug my sunglasses out of the bottom of my purse and put them on. Hmmm, something was weird. The left lens was all blurry as if there was a scratch or smudge on the glass. I rubbed the lens with my finger and when that didn’t work I took them off and rubbed it with the hem of my shirt.

The boys and I drove to the gym so that I could work-out (hooray!) and they could play at the Kids’ Club (yippee!). I drove the whole way from my friend’s house to 405 to our exit and along city streets to the gym all the while thinking that my sunglasses were just kinda weird. The left lens was just a little blurry, however, I could see well enough and I needed the glasses to block out that mysterious glowing orb in the sky. (Oh, right. It’s called “the sun.” It had been a while since it last appeared here).

We were stopped behind a pick-up truck at the intersection right by the gym. I noticed the guy repeatedly glancing in his rearview mirror at me. Um, yeah, he was totally checking me out. And I can’t blame him – I’d just gotten my haircut and was looking pretty good.

I drove into the parking lot and stopped in our usual spot. While my haircut was great, I didn’t have the product in it that I usually do, so it was starting to get just a little frizzy, so I debated about putting it in a ponytail or maybe just putting my sunglasses on my head for walking into the gym. I decided to go for the sunglasses-on-the-head look. Without really thinking about it, I pulled down the visor so I could see how I was looking in the mirror. Um. Right.

My right sunglass lens was completely gone. GONE. I had one dark (nearly black) sunglass lens for my left eye and nothing – just empty, open, eyeball-exposing space – on my right eye. How?! HOW had I driven that whole way and not realized it?!!

I just started cracking up. The boys were like, “Huh? What’s so funny, Mom?” I turned around and pointed to my face, “Um, you coulda told me!” They both thought it was hilarious too, and I’d like to think that had they noticed it they would’ve clued me in. (Probably something to the effect of, “Mom, your face looks weird.”)

When we went into the gym, I told the girls that work in the Kids’ Club about sunglasses. One of them said, “It’s a good thing you didn’t wear your glasses into the gym. You know, you’re feeling all cool: Yeah, I’m so cool. I’m going to work out; I’ll just wear my glasses into the gym ‘cuz I’m SO cool.’” Yeah, it’s a good thing. And thank goodness I didn’t see anyone that I know. (You know – other parents from preschool or students/parents from my music classes). I’m sure that pick-up truck driver was pretty perplexed by my look. Oh yeah, he was TOTALLY checking me out ‘cuz I’m JUST THAT COOL.

[While words can paint a picture, they just can’t do this whole scenario justice. You gotta see this coolness in action to believe it. Matthew was my photographer. He did a pretty good job, huh?]


Kelly said...

a picture is worth a thousand words...the story is funny, but the pic is hilarious!

Larissa said...

LOL - I SO needed a funny story. And somehow Jenny, you have tons of them. Love ya!