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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer has arrived in Seattle! It’s like 85 degrees here – though the John Deere thermometer located in direct sun on the deck tells me that it’s about 103 degrees, but that freaks me out, so I’ll stick with 85. It’s hot and beautiful and a very interesting thing happens when the sun appears in Seattle – people disappear/appear. Allow me to explain (as you know I will).

When the weather gets hot, our neighborhood turns into a ghost town. You’d think we’d see lots of people out and about doing yard work, BBQing etc., however, for the most part, it’s like the ‘hood just isn’t the place to be when it gets hot. You HAVE to go to different parks (the neighborhood parks are abandoned), and you MUST go to the beach. Which is precisely what we did yesterday. The boys and I baked ourselves at the beach park. I made an interesting observation: the only people on the beach – and there were quite a few since no one stays in their neighborhood – were moms and children under the age of 4. (The children were under the age of 4, not the moms). Everyone else was in school or at work and I wept inwardly for them. It was the first big beach day in nine months – sand toys were dusted off, sunblock lids were de-crustified and pasty white skin was lathered in sunblocking goo. Beach toys-sharing protocol was put back into place as boys enviously studied each other’s collection of shovels, diggers and dump trucks.

Matthew had an especially good time as it was his first real outing in nearly a week. For Mother’s Day, he got a fever – but was kind enough NOT to share it with me. It was particularly bad timing as my dear friend Katherine arrived in town that day for a four day visit. When asked what she wanted to do while she was in town, she had said, “I just want to hang out and live the life of Jenny Martin.” Unfortunately this meant really experiencing the epitome of my life – caring for sometimes cranky, totally miserable sick children.

Mike was kind enough to take Matthew’s germs on – giving me a break from this nasty bug. So, feeling under the weather, Mike worked from home on Monday and Tuesday. Having Mike home and Matthew fairly mellow because of not feeling well actually worked a bit to my benefit. (Sorry, but it’s true). On Monday afternoon, as soon as the boys were tucked in for nap (and not a moment past), Katherine and I vacated the Sick House and went to the Pike Place Market. I haven’t been to the Market in four years…since Katherine’s last visit! One of the first things that Katherine and I discovered was a quaint little Italian wine shop. A small sign on the window said, “Wine Tasting 1-5pm, $5/3 wines.” We debated for a moment (or pretended to, so as not to appear over-ego for mid-afternoon drinking), and then both agreed it was in our best interest to participate. So, on a Monday afternoon, during naptime, I found myself drinking four (yes! We scored 4!) different wines and learning about Italian vineyards (and pretending I was there) with one of my dear friends. That, my peeps, is an ideal Monday afternoon!

On Wednesday evening, despite suffering through the newly acquired absence of Katherine, I had a marvelous evening with two of my book club girls. As an early birthday celebration, Molly and Kate, wined me and dined me at a cute little wine bar. And boy, do those girls ever know me – great conversation, a Syrah and a piece of chocolate cake! – my birthday week is off to a great start. And that was actually 10 days pre-bday. I like to stretch out the celebrating (and drinking, apparently) as much as possible. This morning, the birthday festivity was a different kind of drinking – coffee – and then a pedicure with my friend Rebecca. I now have beautiful toes to unveil at the pool! (Unfortunately, swimsuit season is starting early in the Martin household. The boys are starting swim lessons on Monday. And I’ll “get” to be in the pool with Zachary. Good times. At least my beautiful toes will be looking good!)

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