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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thanks to Zachary’s latest adventures (dancing a jig while dumping luke-warm coffee all over Kara, my laptop); my keyboard now makes a satisfying click-click-click sound whilst I type. I’m actually a fan of the post-stale and crusty coffeed keyboard. It makes me feel like I’m working on a typewriter. I should be in a dust mote-filled, sepia-hued office in a film noir, wearing a trench coat. My Fedora hangs on the coat tree behind the desk – empty save for my trusty typewriter. Most likely I’m a detective/private eye named Wednesday or Thursday…maybe Friday. I’m awaiting a visit from some mysterious visitor. The pouring rain outside splatters against the only window in the dimly lit office. A soft knock on the frosted glass door alerts me to the arrival of said mysterious visitor. Click-click-cli…my fingers pause mid-type as I slowly roll back from the desk ready to…

OK, my clicking keyboard has carried me away. The only thing really mysterious about my life right now is how a being as small as Zachary can possibly produce so much snot from two cute and innocent-looking nostrils. Yes, barely a month after our post-California trip colds, the Snot Fairy has landed at the Martin Household…again. And the Snot Fairy brought with her a friend – the evil Fever and Stomach Issues Nymph. I hate her. Hate is a strong word that I rarely use, but there’s just nothing pleasant about a visit from Fever and Stomach Issues Nymph. We’re nearly out of Kleenex thanks to Snot Fairy and we’re scraping by on the remaining squares of toilet paper thanks to her Nymph pal. Like I said, I hate her. Although she has helped me lose a couple of pounds…but still, I hate her.

Somehow, while Zach and I suffered, Mike and Matthew were able to delay their sickness a few days. Therefore despite my issues, we still managed to get Matthew to his first full week of preschool. And it is full – we go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings now. Then with my music classes on Fridays that only leaves us with one morning when we aren’t scrambling to be ready for the day. Welcome to the real world, I guess – a world where pajamas aren’t really socially acceptable past 10am!

The one small blessing Snot Fairy brought with her was the inability to smell any weird crusty, mustiness at Matthew’s preschool. I arrived on Monday with nostrils flaring, inhaling like a hunting dog on a mission but was unable to detect any Church Basement Stank. Maybe they did, in fact, get the place aired out – the stink and musty smell could have been from a summer of being closed up followed by a thorough carpet cleaning that temporarily released all stinkiness into the air. Mike reassured me that when he brought Matthew to preschool on Wednesday he, too, embarked on some serious sniffage. He thought everything smelled fine. Phew. The last thing I need is to pull Matthew from another preschool. It’s mid-September! I’d never find something else which means I’d be facing a year of being a hands-on, semi-educational mother! Pa-lease!
[CORRECTION: should you want to visit the website for Matthew’s marvelous and STINK-FREE preschool it is: with an S at the end of highland…missed that the first time].

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